noah’s work : producer/songwriter


(from the The Real Thing — 2013).

> the window (lifschey, wesley) > feels good (lifschey, wesley)  > real thing (lifschey, wesley) 
> won’t let it go
 featured on So You Think You Can Dance? 2012 (lifschey, wesley) 


DIRTY GREY (feat. Dylan Berry)

pepper (lifschey, berry)



A smoky Tom Waits meets Beck meets Norah Jones collaboration.

> Holy Roller(lifschey, myrow, pullman)
> Hit and Run (lifschey, myrow, pullman)


CHERRI BOMB (Hollywood Records)

the following three tracks are from their 2012 EP called Stark, released on Hollywood Records:

> mirror mirror (lifschey, lovelis)
> spin (lifschey)
> the pretender (foo fighters)



Tracks for EDM label:



face in the moon (lifschey)



power pop in the vein of Jellyfish, Jason Falkner, and Jon Brion (from the album “III”).

> gold (lifschey)
> april (lifschey)
> the door (clark, lifschey




Title song for the Gwen Stefani Xmas Special on NBC

I was asked to something a little different for me, which was to redo an oldie Christmas girl group song for the entire opening...

Stereo Lif wins 2017 Mark Award for hip hop/urban trailer music.

I recently produced, wrote, and mixed an album that was done exclusively for A List Records, and it just won a 2017 Mark Award...

NFL Immersed — music for VR series.

I learned a hell of a lot about football while doing this project, and it gave me new appreciation for the sport. Every episode...

Music alongside Thom Yorke for Rag and Bone VR.

Radiohead is high on my list of influences, so it was great to work on a project that Thom Yorke also worked on (he...

Full score for movie short starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway.

This was a great short I was asked to score the music for: A tongue-in-cheek hitRecord movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway. They...

Samsung/Oculus Rift 2016 Road to Rio Summer Olympics.

This was a massively cool project to work on, which is presented on the Road To Rio 2016 Olympics bus as it makes its...

Samsung NBA Oculus Rift Tease

Here’s another Oculus Rift project I scored for Two Bit VR and Samsung Gear VR, for their NBA tease. This looks amazing through the...

Oculus Rift/Verizon NFL Virtual Reality project.

If you go into one of the big Verizon Destination stores you’ll see a large NFL virtual reality presentation – it’s an amazing experience....

“I Want You” with JS and The Artizonals kills it.

“I Want You” is an old school meets slamming new school r&b record I recently co-wrote with JS and B. Steele, and produced with...

New L.A. band Sugar Fly, produced by Stereo Lif, releases first single “Blind”

Sugar Fly is a rock ‘n’ soul band that’s like what would happen if Beyonce were fronting Audioslave. Formed in late 2014, Sugar Fly blends the...

Comedy Central Justin Bieber Roast gospel music.

I had a blast writing and producing this full-on gospel revival song for the “resurrection” scene of the Justin Bieber Roast. I got to...

Stereo Lif is Grammy-nominated! Frankie J nominated for Best Latin Pop Album Grammy (I co-produced & mixed 3 tracks on it).

Frankie J got an official nomination for Best Latin Pop Album for this year’s Grammy Awards. I co-produced (with Benny Steele) and mixed three...

Kenny Wesley and Stereo Lif considered for multiple 2014 Grammy nominations.

This was a cool surprise for a completely independent album: Kenny Wesley and I are being considered for quite a few 2014 Grammy nominations,...

New Stereo Lif remix of James Day’s R.S.V.P.

James Day, a well known indie neo-soul artist/producer, asked me to do a Daft-Punk-On-Steroids remix of his popular track R.S.V.P. (the original has been...

2013 Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards

Recently did all the awards categories for this SpikeTV annual program, which range from Tarentino-style grime to string quartets to hip hop stank to...